VIKMAR Rent a car Ltd., in the followed called LESSOR hereby rents the car (vehicle) described here above to the Lessee under the following conditions accepted by the Lessee with his/her signature.

1. Production of a driving licence/ authorized drivers / travel abroad
1.1. Prior to handover of the vehicle the Lessee must possess valid driving licence necessary for driving the rental vehicle. The vehicle may be driven and used only by the lessee or by the drivers specified in the rental contract. The driver of the rented vehicle must be at least twenty-one (21) years old and must possess a driving license valid for at least one year, personal ID card or passport at the time of the pickup.
1.2. Upon request the lessee shall be obliged to advise the lessor, in writing, of the names and addresses of all drivers.

2. Lessee’s Liability
2.1. The lessee undertakes to treat the vehicle appropriately and with due care, to observe all the regulations and technical rules which apply to its use, especially to check regularly that the engine oil level is sufficient and to observe when vehicle services are due and to check regularly that the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition and to properly lock the vehicle.
2.2. In the event of damage to the vehicle, loss of the vehicle or breach of the rental contract, the lessee shall be liable, in principle, in accordance with the general rules governing liability. In particular, the lessee must return the vehicle in the condition, free of defects, in which he took possession of it.
2.3. The lessee shall be liable for the actions of the driver as if they were the lessee’s own actions.
2.4. The vehicle may not be used:
2.4.1. After usage of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxication.
2.4.2. For motor sport purposes, in particular driving events where the important thing is to achieve maximum speeds or driving off-road.
2.4.3. For vehicle tests,for safety driving training or for driving school practice.
2.4.4. For renting to sublessees
2.4.5. For committing criminal offences, even if said offences are punishable only under the law of the place where the offence is committed
2.4.6. For transporting easily inflammable, toxic or other hazardous substances and towing another vehicles

3. Insurance
3.1. Insurance coverage for the vehicle rented includes Third Party Liability(TPL) according to Bulgarian low. Theft Protection (TP) and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) are included in the rental price. It limits the responsibility in case of damage or theft up to the amount of the security deposit.
3.2. All insurance cover as part of the rental agreement will become void if:
3.2.1. If damages are not reported to the Police and VIKMAR Rent a car
3.2.2. The vehicle is being used for the transportation of dangerous goods;
3.2.3. Off road driving;
3.2.4. An unauthorized driver uses the vehicle or driver does not possess the valid driving license at the time of the event giving rise to the claim.;
3.2.5. Damages caused if driver is under influence of alcohol or drugs;
3.2.6. Damages caused after inappropriate repair works;
3.2.7. Cross border occurs without a written permit; unauthorized repairs of the vehicle;
3.3. Isurance does not cover:
3.3.1. Damage underneath the vehicle, flat tires, wheel covers, rims;
3.3.2. Missing parts and interior damages;
3.3.3. Damages caused after filling the vehicle with inappropriate fuel;
3.3.4. Lost or broken keys, documents, wipers, antenna, audio equipment, broken windows by negligence,
3.3.5. Additional provided equipment as GPS navigation system, roof racks and snowchains;
3.3.6. Theft of personal belongings and damages of the interior of the vehicle.

4. Accidents / theft / obligation to notify
4.1. After an accident, theft, fire, damage by negligence or other damage, the lessee must immediately notify the Police and the lessor of the damage. This applies also to minor damage and accidents, for which the driver is responsible without third parties being involved. Should the Police refuse to record the accident, the lessee must provide the lessor with evidence of this. If there is no protocol, Renter must pay 100% of the vehicle damages.
4.2. In the event of loss or damage the lessee is obliged to notify the lessor in writing immediately, or at the latest two days after the event, of all the details, using the accident report form included with the vehicle papers, each section of which must be completed carefully and in full

5. Fuel

5.1.Fuel is not included in the rental charges. The vehicle should be returned with as much petrol in the petrol tank as

it has been delivered to the Renter. In case the car is returned with less fuel than rented the Renter must pay for the

missing fuel – 2 euro/liter.


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