Bulgaria Reports Congestion at Crossings on Border with Greece

A line of motor vehicles as long as three kilometers formed at Bulgaria’s Kulata border crossing as traffic from Bulgaria to Greece increased, the Interior Ministry in Sofia announced on Saturday.

A line of cars and trucks waiting to cross into Greece at Makaza checkpoint was about two kilometers long.

According to Bulgarian border police officials, the congestions are due to the start of summer holidays from July 1. Romanian vehicles transiting Bulgaria en route to Greece’s Aegean coast and islands use predominantly the shortest route through Makaza to reach their destinations. Massive travel by Bulgarian holiday makers to Greece at the start of summer vacation also contribute to traffic congestions.

Heavy motor traffic in both directions was reported on Saturday at the three crossings on Bulgaria’s border with Turkey – Kapitan Andreevo, Lesovo and Malko Tarnovo, but there were no lines of vehicles waiting there, according to the Interior Ministry.

Lines of vehicles have also formed at the crossings on Bulgaria’s borders with Romania and Serbia.

Source: http://www.novinite.com